Hi. I’m Markella.

I’m a yoga and movement teacher and teacher trainer based in Brooklyn, NY.

After almost 10 years of practicing yoga, and only yoga, I started developing pain in my hips. More yoga and more passive stretching wasn’t helping. Instead I had to completely rethink my practice, and therefore my teaching, and learn how to give my body more strength and stability and get it out of pain.

Now I help people move better and feel better while doing the practice they love and, more importantly, in their day-to-day lives. My teaching style is grounded, light-hearted, and rooted in resilience and exploration.

I am certified in the YogaWorks, Yoga Tune Up® and Trauma-Conscious Yoga methods and as a FRCm Mobility Specialist.

I started practicing yoga consistently in 2009. I have always been physically active and at the time had been immersed in martial arts for many years. I came to my first class thinking I would find yoga slow and boring. Obviously, I was wrong. 

After many years of consistent practice, primarily in the Iyengar method, I completed 500hrs of teacher training through YogaWorks under the mentorship of Chrissy Carter. I have been teaching full time since 2015.

When I’m not teaching, I’m usually busy with some kind of project. My previous life running farmers markets for the non-profit organization GrowNYC taught me the love and simplicity of cooking with fresh, local ingredients and an appreciation for the ebb and flow of the seasons. I love to cook, bake and preserve food, and my partner and I grow over 30 varieties of vegetables in our little patch of dirt in Brooklyn, NY.