Each one-on-one session with me is a highly tailored and individualized experience based on your specific goals and needs. I use my knowledge of the body, movement, yoga and mobility training to best assist you in achieving your results and to ultimately help you move, feel and live well in your body.

Here’s what folks have to say:

“I love Markella ‘s approach to teaching and sharing Yoga.  She is at once deeply intentional and cerebral, while grounded in an innate physicality that has helped me deepen my practice in a very natural way, building from the pieces that lead organically to the whole.” - Tomer, I

“I have so enjoyed my private classes with Markella.  She has a highly personalized approach, focusing on the issues her clients prioritize (such as getting stronger, in my case).  She is incredibly observant - noticing the little details of how I do each pose, and then helping me fine tune.  She is creative - one class is never the same as the next - and patient, gently coaching and encouraging but never pushing me beyond my limits. And, more than anything, she is a lovely person - approachable, genuine and respectful  (always on time).  I highly recommend Markella!” - Cynthia, S

My private clients are often students who

  • have an existing practice and want to better tailor it to their body and their needs

  • have specific goals like building strength, or learning inversions

  • are working with an injury and looking for guidance modifying

  • are newer to yoga and want to get comfortable with the basics before joining a group class

For rates, availability and to book a free introductory session contact me here.